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Hay fever

Dry itchy eyes around this time of the year?

Have you ever considered you might suffer from hay fever?

Back in the day when they used to attach a number to pollen count it was generally accepted that a count of 70 was enough to set your average hay fever sufferer off.

Nottingham, being in the centre of the country would regularly get levels of 200 and over.

Some summers it would rise to as much as 500

These days they have dumbed it down to low/high/very high


These exceptionally high levels meant that people who didn’t see themselves as “Hay fever sufferers” were actually being dragged into the net without realising it

For thirty years I’ve been seeing people around this time of year with streaming red eyes and no idea why.

If you seem to suffer itchy, red or watery eyes try keeping a diary of what the pollen count is from the weather forecast

I will update this page as I go along

For now please refer to the chart on the right 

reproduced with thanks to the College of Optometrists

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