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We have been fitting disposable lenses since they were invented over 25 years ago.
These day's they account for practically all the contact lenses we fit.

The benefits of frequent replacement are well known and, with the choice of materials we have these days, far more people can wear contact lenses.

Please note we only fit soft disposable lenses at this practice.  For hard and gas permeable lenses we can refer you to a local practice who specialises in that type of lens.

Basically we fit 3 types of lens:

(1) Single vision spherical lenses
These account for practically all lenses fitted to the under 40's when only the distance uision needs correcting.


(2) Bifocal and multifocal lenses
Once you pass 40 and need a separate reading addition we can offer several solutions which cover most prescriptions.


(3) Astigmatic/Toric and other special requirement lenses

These are best discussed in person when we have a clear idea of your prescription

For the first time in years we have some genuine improvements on the contact lens front.The latest Silicone Hydrogel lenses allow far more oxygen through to the eye than anything that has gone before.

Not only does this allow longer wearing times with practically zero risk to the health of the eye but the new material offers the possibility of new lens designs.What this means, in practice, is that we now have a bifocal lens that actually works.This gives far more people the chance to wear lenses through middle age and beyond.Why not ask for a trial next time your'e in?

Contact lens fee's and prices

We fit 6 kinds of lenses :

(A) Standard lenses
Monthly wear lenses suitable for balancing wearability and cost

(B) Premium lenses
2 Weekly (eg Acuvue2, Acuvue advance) and the latest monthly silicone hydrogel and high water content silicone hydrogel,most suited to long 15+ hours of wear 7 day's a week generally the best lenses available

(C) Bifocal & Toric lenses
Newer materials like silicone hydrogel allow more sophisticated curvatures which in trun allow correcting the more complicated prescriptions like astigmatism and presbyopia.

(D) One day and constant wear
One day lenses are best suited to irregular wear whereas constant wear is suited to people who need to wear lenses all the time.

(E) 1-DAY ACUVUE moist multifocal
Brand new one day bifocals wear them as and when you feel

(F) Special use lenses
These lenses are for those people who struggle to get on with mainstream lenses, it's very rare these days to find someone who can't wear lenses.

We believe contact lens wear requires a full package of care so we include ALL tests check's and solutions within our fee structure

Price list

All prices per month


(A) Standard lenses                           £16

Bausch & Lomb, Sauflon monthly’s etc


(B) Premium lenses                           £22

Acuvue2, Acuvue advance, Clariti etc     


(C) Bifocal & Toric                             £26

Clariti, Bausch & Lomb, AirOptix bifocals

Proclear and Biofinity multifocals

Acuvue Advance, Clariti ,Proclear torics etc


(D) One Day & constant wear          £30

Focus, B&L, Acuvue and Clariti one day’s
Oasys constant wear etc


(E) 1-DAY ACUVUE moist multifocal

By standing order 30 pr/mth            £42

30 pairs (irregular wear)                  £47.50


(F) Special use lenses                      £35

Trueye, bifocal & toric dailies etc



All fees include:

Annual sight test

Regular contact lens checks


Discount on specs


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