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Paul Rees     BSc FBCO  Ophthalmic Optician (Optometrist)


Trained in London.  Worked on the Isle of Skye and in Wiltshire.

Performs all the sight tests

Fits contact lenses.


Stella Rees   FBDO  Dispensing Optician


Trained in London. Worked in Derby and Nottingham.

Practice manager in charge of the spectacle side of the business.


Tracey and Sarah


Our very important support staff. Their wide range of duties include;

  • Reception work

  • Pre-testing

  • Spec styling, measuring, glazing and repairs

  • Contact lens handling and advice


The same four staff members have been together for over 30 years so not only do we work well together but feel people appreciate seeing the same faces year on year.


Our philosophy is to offer the best service we possibly can. This won't make us the cheapest but we do feel we offer terrific value for money.

Stella and I began our partnership here in Lenton in 1983 in a conscious decision to avoid the more high street locations.

Our clientele mainly come from the west side of Nottingham, the Wollaton, Bramcote and Beeston areas plus the QMC and Nottingham University stretching through Lenton and up to the Park estate.

Stella is the dispensing optician dealing mainly with frames and lenses and I perform the eye examinations and contact lens fitting and aftercare.

Aware of the difference between sight tests (clinical) and eyewear (fashion, style and functionality)

Stella has created a sister website   where she discusses frames and lenses that have caught her eye plus advice together with some do's and don'ts on choosing specs.

If you want to know why some kinds of varifocals work much better than others or which type of frame will suit you face shape this is the place to visit. It's still fairly new so call back often for updates and video's which we are currently making.


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