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Fishing is all about vision

Struggling to see your float as well as tie a hook?

Unless you have perfect vision and are under 40 you are likely to find a long days fishing quite challenging

Float fishing and quiver tip require long periods of concentrating on a tiny target against a reflective water backdrop combined with tiny hooks and fine line 

Polaroid sunspecs are a start but only really work if you have normal distance vision

(less than 6% of the population have) the other 94% are either long or short sighted most with a pinch of astigmatism thrown in.

Add to that the over 40's will need some kind of help with close work, tying hooks etc and it's little surprise that a day's fishing can leave your eyes tired and strained

A bifocal or varifocal with full correction for distance (float) and near (size 16 hook) is a start

The can be made with polarizing lenses 

Or you can consider the latest flush fitting polaroid clip-ons which attach to custom made frames with tiny magnets

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