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PD Rees Ophthalmic Opticians  (Optometrist)

See the same person every time


PD Rees opticians have been based in Lenton near the QMC for over 35 years. 
We feel we offer a more personal alternative to some of the larger, more well known 


Please allow at least 30 minutes for a standard eye examination and a full 45 minutes for a comprehensive examination.

The reason we take 45 minutes is not just about the technical bits of doing an eye exam. You can do an eye test in 20 minutes and that is what most places do.

But the extra time we spend with you means we can give you better advice and recommendations


  • Eye examinations (both NHS and private)     

  • Spectacle dispensing     

  • Contact lenses     

  • Repairs and adjustments     

​and advice on all things to do with your eyes and vision.

Please feel free to browse the categories above and don't hesitate to drop in for a chat.


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